Integrated operational management tool Hinemos is efficient and reduces costs of system operations management.

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What is Hinemos

~An integrated systems management tool~

Hinemos is an integrated systems management tool which can manage a complex system, multiple servers, and network equipment, all as a single computer. Traditional systems management is highly dependent on the engineer. Systems have to be checked and managed manually. This old style of systems management creates instability in the system operations. Also, it is difficult and time-consuming for engineers to familiarize themselves with the existing systems management tools that are available for commercial use. Another challenge for these commercial tools is the high installation expense, along with high operation, maintenance, and labor costs.

~NTT DATA created Hinemos and Atomitech provides its maintenance services~

Hinemos is an open source software. It was developed by NTT DATA, the largest IT company in Japan. Hinemos has been used in their corporate system since its development. In 2009, NTT DATA and Atomitech concluded a partnership agreement. Since then, Atomitech has been providing Hinemos maintenance support along with development and sales support.

~Internationalization of Hinemos~

Currently, Hinemos is available in English, Japanese, and Chinese. The Chinese edition was independently developed by Atomitech, in order to be prepared for the expanding Chinese IT market since the number of systems management tools in the Chinese language still seems to be very few.

~Hinemos is an open-source software that offers both free and paid features. Support services are available at a low cost~

Hinemos is an open-source software. It offers basic features for free and optional features for various prices. Prices depend upon the Hinemos partner who provides the particular feature. Support services like installation, operation, and maintenance are available at a low cost. Hinemos is capable of supporting efficient mobility and stable sever operations for small businesses, large enterprises, and even for companies world-wide.

~Achievements and results are seen in Japan, where high quality server operations is demanded~

Hinemos is used in NTT DATA and also in other small to large scale systems.
Unlike the monitoring tools with only the monitoring feature, Hinemos provides job management and system operational features as a single package.

Managed node Hinemos management server Managing terminal

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