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The new way of integrated operations management tool.Atomitech X Hinemos = High performance・Low cost Atomitech Inc. is an official parter of NTT DATA "Hinemos solution". Hinemos is an open source software provided by NTT DATA CORPORATION for operations management.

Integrated operational management tool
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What is Hinemos?

Features of Hinemos
●Management tasks
・Job scheduling/operations management features

-Job net and job creation and operation
-Batch control multiple servers
-Calendar operation

●Monitoring tasks
・Resource management

-Resource monitoring, SNMP monitoring, and other monitoring features

・Performance management

-Display resource information in a graph

・Log monitoring
・Alert notification

・VM management
・GUI function (Node map,Job map)
・Cloud management
・Software-defined networking management
System integration, centralized management.
Effective system and operational management tasks.
Visualize IT resource usage.

●What is Hinemos?
Hinemos is an open source software used to manage operations of multiple computers.

Hinemos was developed because there is a demand for high performance and cost reducing open source software from enterprises with large scale integrated management systems. Other open source software required additional tool installation for each different feature. As a result of these complicated installations, commercial products were chosen over open source software. NTT DATA developed Hinemos so that it will be a new tool to replace expensive systems management tools.

●Background on expanding the Hinemos service world-wide
Atomitech is expecting dramatic expansion of the IT market in the world, along with corporate and enterprise globalization. Also the coming new era will expand the systems management market, increasing server operational management tasks while improving its quality. In 2009, Atomitech and NTT DATA concluded a partnership to develop Hinemos, and to provide Hinemos installation and maintenance services. Then starting from 2011, Atomitech is now offering maintenance support for international companies. (Maintenance support in English, Japanese, and Chinese.)

●Features of Hinemos
Hinemos is an open source software, available for download from the web site. Another characteristic of Hinemos is that the user can register computers into groups, and perform monitoring, job management, performance management, and batch control features on the specified group. Atomitech provides free and paid version of Hinemos along with maintenance support and additional options.

Atomitech is the Hinemos solution partner of NTT DATA
Integrated systems management tool "Hinemos" is an open source software developed by NTT DATA. As an official Hinemos solution partner, Atomitech is involved in the development, sales, and maintenance service of Hinemos. To promote the international expansion of Hinemos, Atomitech is offering Hinemos maintenance support services around the world. Since it is difficult to cover all regions of the world, we are recruiting sales partners as well.
●About logo usage
Hinemos logo

※Only NTT DATA Hinemos partners are given the permission to use this logo. This logo cannot be used without permission.

Only Atomitech Hinemos sales and maintenance support partners are given the permission to use this logo.

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