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Hinemos installation cases

Hinemos is used by many systems in Japan. The free edition of Hinemos has more than ten thousand downloads and it is widely used. The following are installation cases of Hinemos (Japanese edition).
Largest system integrator in Japan Many installation cases in Japanese IT companies.
Data center Installation case in the green data center.
Prefectural office system Many installation cases in the prefectural office system in Japan.
Stock exchange system Online stock exchange system
Financial system Installation as a SaaS type credit service system management tool. More than 2000 jobs deployed.
Food industry system Installation case in a major fast food chain restaurant.
Data center of a cloud services company Employed as the foundation of cloud services offered by a major Japanese system integration company.
Telecommunications carrier Installation case in a major data center of the biggest telecommunications carrier in Japan. More than a hundred Hinemos managers and more than 2000 monitoring agents deployed.
Government and municipal office system  
Research institution system  

There are many more installation cases by small businesses to enterprise systems, government and municipal office systems, and others.
Downloads: more than 100,000 downloads.
※ Hinemos installation cases are made public by NTT DATA CORPORATION.

"Hinemos" has been named the Software Product of the Year R2007. Software Product of the Year R is awarded each year to outstanding software products by IPA.

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